Casaroro Falls

September 12, 2009
Casaroro Falls
Casaroro Falls

This time I was sure that I’m not going to miss a visit to Casaroro, I have plenty of time and saved some money. My second visit to Negros Oriental would not be complete without it.

The mercado of Valencia have many habalhabal operators that have brought people where the trail (its torturous ladder steps) begins. The ride cost around P150 to P200, depends on I don’t know what. After getting a bottle of water and a sweet rice cake I took my pricey back ride towards the mountain. The ride took around 20 minutes, there was a stretch when the road is unpaved, because of the uneven, very rough road and the steep ascend, it would be best to walk instead of still riding on the motorcycle, these drivers would tell you that they can manage it but since it’s not that far from where the trail begins, I thought that it would be best to just walk. Not worth risking your limbs.

The real challenge is reaching this falls, going down was easy, going up is the tough one, I had to make several stops before continuing, it’s like going upstairs in a towering building designed to be serviced only by elevators! Hundreds (felt like thousands!) of steps that at some point is steep – again, I’m pretty sure that fit people would find this fairly easy but not for someone like me whose idea of exercise lately is walking around the mall to window shop. Its not easy.

Enough of my complaints, I should be thankful actually, because going to Casaroro before was reserved for advance mountaineers. Now, the only challenge for those who wants to see this magnificent falls is surviving its cardiac stairs! This is one good workout!

Along the way I passed by many cottages; there is even a comfort room; the local government did a great job in providing these facilities. The rocks that line the stream are gigantic. The area is still a forest where wildlife abound; birds, insects, trees and many flowers can be seen in the area, it’s a perfect spot for nature photographers. Although the pathways are paved, I was cautious with my every step. Before crossing the suspended bridge I saw a brownish small snake crumpled not very far from it, I was reminded that I was only a guest and that this place, even it was developed for the tourist like me,  still belongs to them.

They say that this falls is the most photographed in the whole of Negros – who wouldn’t take loads of photos, the scene it provides is breathtaking! The spot near where the water hits ground is filled with mist that at times blurs the landscape.

It was a long way down and a lengthy hike towards the falls but it’s all worth it. After reaching the falls I took many shots of it, its waters is strong and intimidating. I think during this time of the year it’s not safe to plunge on to its waters but during the summer days when water levels are low, it’s not a bad idea to swim under the falls and escape the summer heat.

I think I would like to see this place again, hopefully with some nature loving friends, spend a beautiful morning under those charming cottages while enjoying Casaroro’s picturesque falls and water streams.

30 Agosto 2009

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Pepe Alas

You should’ve taken a dip, mi hermano.

This waterfall is awe-inspiring.


Was here last summer. Best time to visit during raining season when water is stronger,

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