Muntinglupa With a G

I don’t know when Muntinglupa became Muntinlupa. Muntinlupa, without the “g”, is now the city’s official name, shortened for convenience. The origin of the word has been the subject of debate, just like in many old Filipino town names. But we really can’t complain because some other towns completely lost their traditional names, substituted with […]

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Aguinaldo’s Limo

One of the attractions of the Aguinaldo shrine is the first President’s elegant personal car during his years as Presidente of Los Veteranos dela Revolucion de Filipinas. A Packard limousine (1924), whose maker was the indisputable leader in the field of luxury automobiles at the time. The great depression of the 1930’s impaired Packard’s business […]

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Cebu | Laguna

San Vicente Ferrer in Mamatid and Pitalo

A friends post reminded me that Cinco de Abril was the feast of San Vicente Ferrer. We honor his memory with naming many towns after him, the exuberant fête during his feast day, but who is this so called “ángel del Apocalipsis” . I started reading about him when I read an article about a […]

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Out of School Youth Restoring Historical Sites?

Wow, this I gotta see! (read here) I’m already planning a day to meet these kids and get inspired. This is awesome. Very good job for the organizers – NCCA and the Spanish Embassy. — In other developments. This time in Cebu. Argao’s heritage warriors’ suffered a great lost with the death of Teddy Villarimo. […]

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Visita Iglesia

Probably, the most challenging trip in recent memory for me. Lacking sleep and rest, straight from work, with the hottest of seasons upon us – I committed to worship in all seven Yglesias I listed down from the other night with the help of Layug’s classic, “A Tourist Guide to Notable Philippine Churches”. The mission […]

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