Iloilo City Heritage: La Muy Leal y Noble Ciudad (Part II)

Jaro A trip to the old district of Ciudad de Iloílo became a pilgrimage of sorts to the spiritual legacies of the colonial period – an epoch where the most imposing and richly decorated edifices are churches which the missions and the community constructed. Everyday Filipino life back then revolved around it. And this faith, […]

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Manila Hostage Ending – A Sad Day for ALL

While this blog is dedicated to my personal discoveries and experiences about the history of the Filipino people I would make an exception just for today. What happened yesterday was a tragic event for all of us. I would like to express my sympathies to the families of the Chinese Nationals who lost their lives […]

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Negros Occidental

Silay Trip

We left the port of Dumangas at around 3 and reached Bacolod before 5 in the afternoon. The trip provided a spectacular view of Western Visayas’ three major islands. The last strokes of light gave a wonderful view of the islands from the deck. For someone who’s not used to seeing these postcard imagery, it […]

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Heritage of Smallness – Another Joaquin Classic

There are probably hundreds — if not thousands (siguro milyon pa) — of essays, research and lectures about the reasons why we, Filipinos, have yet to succeed as a nation. “Heritage of Smallness” by Joaquin for me ranks among the best in terms of social and cultural criticism. It is made controversial by the fact […]

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East Coast – Singapore

A great time was had strolling along the east coast park last Tuesday located in the southeast part of the island’s coast. I noticed these colorful doves and other kinds of birds around that did not mind our presence at all. I’ve never heard of east coast park before but I was told that it’s […]

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Petronas Tower

The Petronas towers is one of the most successful modern building project in all of Asian history. The most recognizable building in South East Asia to date. Tourist are just drawn to it – and I never understood why until the day I saw it.  It set the record as the tallest building until 2004. […]

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