Taal “Pride in History”

Not far from Manila, Taal is a rarity of a town. It ranks among the most preserved historical towns in the country. A distinction it shares with Vigan, Pila and Silay. Some argue that the preservation is far from satisfactory but I happen to believe otherwise. The manner of which the Taaleños had “reuse” their […]

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Negros Occidental

Revisiting Silay

Now, here’s a happy ending. Just before leaving Negros for Iloilo. I managed to squeeze in a short visit to Silay. A couple of months ago I regretted visiting the place late in the afternoon. I bowed that I would comeback again. There was so much to see in town. So even though my Silaynon […]

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Departure of Two Great Staff

I said good bye to two co-workers these past few weeks. I’m sure I’ll be seeing them again but they’ll be missed around the office. The first to go was Pepe, a friend of seven years, we have known each other since the APAC days. He was the one who informed me about the company […]

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I had intended to go to San Jose but for some strange unexplained reason something in me was holding me back. I’m not very superstitious but I always follow one rule in traveling, “if it doesn’t feel right, don’t go”. Something I learned from my mother. She calls it, “kutob”. This is when your subconscious […]

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Tigbauan: SEAFDC and its Churriquesque Church

My Tia informed me that she would be visiting the place where they buy Bangus fingerlings in Tigbauan. Since she know that I’m ignorant about so many things about country living she tagged me along. The Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center is a 40 hectare research complex. This is where all the bangus in her […]

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