Cutest Rizal Monument everrrr…

I’ve been around the country  and I’ve yet to see a municipio or a city hall without a Rizal monument. Is there a law instructing all local government to have one? I’ve seen some odd ones, some really old ones (early 1900’s), some neglected and some that doesn’t even look like the hero – but […]

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Asilo de San Vicente de Paul in UN

Despite of what we’ve been told about the horrors committed (which were confined and isolated but magnified beyond their actual significance) by the religious during the Spanish era, there are good stories, inspiring ones that reaffirms some of the heroic efforts of the religious, that never got told. Things you won’t hear in your history […]

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Filipino. Filipino. Filipino.

Friends and family in Singapur would tell me how sometimes people there would call them “Philippine”. Some of our neighbors probably are still not familiar with the proper term, “Filipino”, which for us is our nationality’s official name since the beginning of time. I wonder if  Philippinese or Philipinian will be acceptable to this txting […]

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How come we don't have an Air Force like that?

I recently visited Singapore’s Air Force museum and was amazed how far they’ve come along from their air force’s humble beginning. They started with less than a dozen British-trained air force pilots with loaned jets from their former colonial master. Now, they have one of the most powerful air force in the region – all […]

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How I wish I saved all my letters. Especially during my childhood when I started jotting down notes my mother would send to my father abroad. When my father retired from his overseas work he brought all the letters he received from everyone back home. Unfortunately, everything was lost when we moved out of Manila, […]

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Cabuyao and the Sakdalista Incident

Like all of our old towns, Cabuyao’s history left a trail of a deep past and a vibrant culture. Evidence of this are the old houses and the Church of San Policarpio. Most of the old houses in Cabuyao are threatened by neglect and the inability of the local government and the families to conserve […]

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