How come we don't have an Air Force like that?

March 17, 2011

I recently visited Singapore’s Air Force museum and was amazed how far they’ve come along from their air force’s humble beginning. They started with less than a dozen British-trained air force pilots with loaned jets from their former colonial master. Now, they have one of the most powerful air force in the region – all in a span of, what, three to four decades? These folks even lease bases outside their country!

There are days when I would be awoke from sleep because of the loud roaring noise from fighter jets passing over our place. I’m used to this as I had spent some years of my childhood in Olongapo when the US still had naval and air force bases there. Whenever I’m in Singapur I live near their air force base. I would spend a lot of time watching these planes do drills in the morning. Its quite a sight to see especially for an aviation enthusiast who never got the chance to fly.

Now unto another flight – the flight of the OFW’s. Many has been recently subjected to a lot of stress from coup de etat’s, political unrest and natural disasters in their host nations. A lot of these people are seeking assistance to be repatriated. It would be nice if we have an air force than can take them back home when the situations calls for it. I’m not suggesting that modernizing our air force and navy’s transporting capacity as the only solution, it could work, yes, but there are many other ways we can bring Filipinos back home. This is the least we can do for them. Instead of waiting for our commercial airliners, who really doesn’t care about their countrymen [a solon complained recently that airliners, who profits from the OFW’s, lack the interest to help], our government should have the ability to extract Filipinos abroad. A fleet of military transport planes and ships should always be on standby for them. After all they are our economy’s “cash cow”.
I remember that we use to have our C-130’s evacuate people from danger zones before. These workhorse are among the most reliable air transport in military aviation history – I heard that there’s only one left [ we own a pair I believe] operational and that the funds to maintain it were pocketed by the likes of Garcia. What a crying shame. Our government can’t even offer to bring back the Filipinos they call “bagong bayani” these days. So while our neighbors like Malaysia sends their Navy ships to protect their commercial ships and seamen passing the pirate infested seas near Africa, we struggle to even provide flights to repatriate Filipinos in danger.

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  1. Hay naku! its the magnanakaws in government service to blame. They are BIG TIME liabilities of this administration who is trying to build a nation free from MAGNANAKAWS.
    Watching the senate hearings on the corruption in AFP is very disappointing … ang kapakapal talaga ng mukha ng mga military leaders ng bansang to. Considering the formation school of our nation’s officers includes INTEGRITY as one of their pilars eh ang produkto ay mga corrupt.
    Wag nang pag aralin yang mga sundalo na yan na galing sa pera natin -its our money… tax-payers’ money being wasted in molding the future MAGNANAKAWS of this nation.

  2. @ Glen – its an ugly situation. we have to overhaul our legal system. make it extremely harsh for crooks in our government and military. but i doubt that politicians would craft laws that will put them in trouble. but we can’t lose hope in good filipinos in this world. i like what rene saguisag said, “we can’t give up, this is the only country we have”.

    1. I agree Nold that we should keep on demonstrating and expressing our disappointments with how elected and appointed government officials are running this country and how they make use of our money. Inspired by our love of country and for our children’s future, we should not give up in forcing the negative systems to change into an ideal one and make sure that institutions of oppression are destroyed.
      For one thing, I strongly disagree with those government officials and military officers who criticize on how some senators handling the AFP investigations, saying that they are harsh and disrespectful. Well, my take is ang mga MAGNANAKAW ay hindi bine-baby.

      1. @ Glen – In fairness to the present administration, who inherited many of the problems, they seem to be doing much better than the past leadership. I can feel their sincerity. But what we have in place is just not enough, we’re reactive, not proactive. If we care for our overseas kababayan we would have plan for these situations long time ago.

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