Afternoon Bike Around

July 12, 2011

I rode my bike late this afternoon to sweat and get some fresh air near Laguna de Ba’i. When it rains, the tributaries leading to the lake are free from rubbish and litter. The flowing waters of these narrow tributaries that goes straight to the lake looks so beautiful this time of the year.
Locals are anxious when it rains hard around these parts because of the floods.The bitter memories of typhoon Ondoy are still fresh. Some areas around aplaya had been underwater for months after the deluge.

I like this area of the town. The area gives you a good look at historic lake. Right across is Binangonan. Here you can see different classes of Muntinlupeño: Poor, rich, fisherfolks and tenderos.The tricycles are everywhere.
The governments lack of planning is to blame for the houses built near the aplaya. The view must’ve been amazing 100 years ago when when its waters were used to irrigate surrounding rice fields, fishing and passage ways for steamboats. The fishpens are an eyesore that must be removed.
I then went to my parish, St. Peregrine in Tunasan. Churches for me are proven to  perfect for contemplation.  Rested for awhile then headed back home.

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