This Morning

August 14, 2011

Took some pictures of the lake and the people that spends their time either exercising or fishing around it during Sunday morning. Its  nice seeing this area getting some attention from the local government. It wasn’t like this before.The area now have a school and sports hall. Though short, the paved road that goes around the area is good enough for some biking.
This San Pedro guy is progressive in his politics. This young mayor is bringing in some fresh ideas and good planning. I like his initiative of banning the use of plastic bags. When I heard of it I was thinking that it will never be enforced. Another useless law. Then the local government started closing down stores that violated the plastic bag ban. The recent store to be shut down is  KFC at the corner of Zapote Alabang rd near the market. Though the closure deprives me of my KFC fried chickens and zinger sandwich, the message is clear.
No one is above the law – even big business.

Makiling really looks like a woman lying on her back.

Boat fishermen heading out to the lake at the break of dawn.

The water lilies. Why haven't anybone thought of that as a good band name, I don't know.

Recreational fishing around the lake. But no "catch and release" here. What's caught goes straight to the frying pan.

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