Ibpa Mi, the Lord's Prayer in Campampangan

September 7, 2011

I recorded the mass as it was my first time to hear mass in Campampangan. I’m sharing the part where they were praying “Ibpa Mi”, their version of our Lord’s prayer.
Ibpa mi, a atsu banua,
Misamban ya ing lagyu mu.
Datang ing cayarian mu,
Mipamintuan ing lub mu
Queti sulip anti banua.
Ing cacanan mi queng aldo’ldo, ibie mu quing aldo ngeni.
Ampo ning pamatauad mu quecami, quing sala mi queca.
Anti ing pamamatauad mi, careng micasala quecami.
Emu que paisawul quing tucsu,
Nune icabus mi quing sablang marok yanasa.
Uling queca ing cayarian, anting kalupaan at kalualhatian
Ngeni anting capilan paman.
Our local languages adds diversity to our culture. I’m so glad to see that instead of waning due to the imposition of “Filipino” and “English”, Campampangan as a language thrives among its people. A vendor of suman and tamales told me, “we have to teach and expose them (their children) to Tagalog and English, otherwise, they would only speak Campampangan”.
I can’t help but admire such people. Filipinos proud of their identity. There’s nothing wrong in learning a foreign language but we must never abandon our heritage languages. It not only links us to our past, it also honors the spirit of our ancient land and people.

Buses loaded with college students from Manila swarmed the church of Sn. Guillermo during the mass celebration. Some of them were noisy and boisterous while taking pictures around. In the age of secularization, globalization and individualization, old traditions are becoming less and less important for some of us. But just as some are insensitive towards religious traditions, you also have youth groups deeply involved in fiestas, procesión and other religious celebrations. Some of the more interesting blogs, photojournals and articles about Filipino culture and traditions, whether they’re religious or not, are created by the young.
So, there’s hope.

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Hello De AnDa ! I was born and raised in Lubao, Pampanga and stumbled upon your blog at maria beltran’s website. I could not help but smile how you patiently wrote the lyrics of Ibpa Mi though there were some mispelled Kapampangan words which were understandable. Since I decided to reside temporarily in Manila together with my kids due to my work I had seldom visited my hometown. It is a good thing my kids grew up there when I was still unemployed because they still prefer the simple lives we have in Lubao which is enough reason for them… Read more »


This version though is different, and this is my personal favorite. May I? Ibpa ming atiu banua, Misamban ya ing Lagiu Mu. Datang quecami ing caiarian Mu, Mipamintuan ing lub Mu. Queti quing yatu at quing banua, Mipamintuan ya ing lub Mu. Ing cacanan mi, quing aldoaldo Ibie Mu quecami, ibie Mu quecami Quing aldo ngeni At ipatauad Mo quecami ding sala mi Queca Anti ing pamamatauad mi caring micasala quecami E Mu que ipaisawul quing tucsu Nune icabus quing maroc. Uling Queca ing kaiarian, At ing caiupaian, at ing ligaia mangga man King alang-angga/alanangga. or Ibpa ming atyu banwa… Read more »

Ianskielem Juta

This is a slightly different version though, and my personal favorite. May I? Ibpa ming atiu banua Misamban ya ing Lagiu Mu Datang quecami ing caiarian Mu Mipamintuan ya ing lub Mu Queti quing iatu at quing banua Mipamintuan ing lub Mu. Ing cacanan mi, quing aldo-aldo Ibie Mu quecami, ibie Mu quecami Quing aldo ngeni. At ipatauad Mo quecami ding sala mi Queca Anti ing pamamatauad mi Caring micasala quecami At e Mu que ipaisaul quing tucsu Nune icabus quing maroc. Uling Queca ing caiarian, At ing caiupaian At ing ligaia mangga man Quing alang-angga/alanangga. or Ibpa ming atyu… Read more »


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