15 Minutes of Fame

June 4, 2012
“In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” – say Andy. Did he foresaw social networks and youtube?

I’m not going to pretend that I understand art like some expert that can give an opinion on whether a piece is good or not – but I’m interested in the process and practice. I would like to think that I’m an artist. I believe everybody is an artist. Even our primitive ancestors were – just look at those cave drawings in Morong.

Art is subjective – what appeals to me may not be appealing to you. Whether I see something interesting or not I always feel that I have to respect the artist. Behind every work is a story. I try to imagine what the artist goes through before making a piece. If you pay close attention to an artpiece you can really see what the artist was thinking. This is what’s fascinating about visual art galleries. You’re really looking at peoples imagination in canvas.

Although I know Andy Warhol and his contribution to modern art, his work don’t appeal to me as much as that of the European and 19th century Filipino artist. Maybe I’m just too traditional and out of touch with what’s modern. But whether I’m into his works or not, his art influenced the modern world we all live in now.

Warhol changed the art world forever. Period.

It was a Warhol sixties they say.

I gladly paid the museum fee (even when I don’t have much lately) just to see what Warhol art is all about. Seeing art works that I’ll probably never get to see again in my lifetime makes it all worth it. I walked out of the exhibit feeling that even the simplest of object can be an inspiration. Ordinary became extraordinary – that’s the Warhol magic.

The littlest of things reminding us of great things.

March 2012

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Greeting from over the sea. detailed article I will return for more.

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