The Augustinian Church of Paoay

I’ve been wanting to see this church for a long, long time not only because I’ve read so much about it but I’ve been intrigued by its unusual form ever since I first saw a picture of it. I hardly ever get to visit this part of the country (this being only the second time). […]

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San Pedronian? Really?

A friend of mine sent a link to a website where the site proprietor published his open letter for the municipal government to use of the name “san pedrense” over “San Pedronian”. Having worked with the mayor of the town, I know he prefers “San Pedronian”. The dilemma is that there are civic groups that […]

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What Remains of San Pedro’s Sampaguita

Just when I thought that the sampaguita tradition of San Pedro Laguna is gone, well, it appears that it’s not entirely gone. The town can still claim to be the Sampaguita capital of the country, minus the plantations that is. I attended my first year in high school in San Pedro and I could still […]

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Germany | Manila

The Rizal Fountain in Wilhelmsfeld

The long and cold educational field trip in Wilhelmseld for me ironically, ended here, in Luneta, in some forgotten ground that no one bother to see except bums and underage student lovers. This fountain was in Wilhelmsfeld until the Germans thought it a good idea to bring it here in the 60’s as a gift. […]

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The Island of Pulao Ubin and The Kampong

  Pulao Ubin is perhaps the last place in Singapore where vestiges of the old kampong life in its pure form could still be seen. Kampong (or Kampung) are traditional Malayan villages typically made up of a mosque, rice fields and houses set on stilts. The kampong and the pre-Filipino Barangay shares remarkable similarities essentially […]

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