Chijmes and or chimes

Singaporeans could get really creative with how to make use of  their remaining heritage buildings. There’s not a lot around so collective effort are directed towards salvaging what’s left of their historical and cultural sites. I was in the Victoria St. area earlier to take photos of CHIJMES. I marveled at the gracious and innovative […]

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Holed up down in Sabah

As of the moment, the Sultanate of Sulu supporters are holed up in Sabah. Surrounded by Malaysian troops. Communication and food lines had been severed. Let’s hope that this ends well without anyone getting hurt. They’ve decided to go there and “reclaim” what to them is “ancestral lands”. This claim is based on the Sultanate […]

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British Bloggers Dead in Thai Road Accident

“We’re in Thailand.” The last map widget feed in Peter Root and Mary Thompson’s blog. Both cyclist died in Thailand in a tragic road accident last Monday. The cyclists was traveling in Thailand when a vehicle hit them. Prior to the South East Asian country, they passed by China, Kazakhstan, Iran, Turkey, Italy, Germany and […]

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Paranaque | Personal

Filipino Made Backpacks

One of my favorite accessory when I travel is my Blazing Products belt bag. I bought it in 2004. It’s no Jansport but it sure is good if not better. I had two imported backpacks but this locally made belt bag, which I use far more often, managed to outlive them all. Yesterday, I saw […]

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Elvis Presley’s “Miracle of the Rosary”

He’s such a mama’s boy. I’m not surprised he adored our Virgin Mother. He understands the spiritual bond that binds a son with his mother. People close to him believes that he never recovered from the death of his Mother, Gladys. Dolores Hart in an interview stated that while Elvis grew up in southern protestant […]

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The Philippines in Oliver Stone’s Untold History

Oliver Stone is turning over stones with this book, “The Untold History of the United States”, he co-wrote with American University historian, Peter J. Kuznick . I’m a big fan of Stone’s work. He’s always been outside, on the edge of things when it comes to films. But this is where he shines. The 750 page […]

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