SSPX in Upper Thompson

March 24, 2013

Finally made it to Society of Pope Pius X priory in Upper Thomson Road to hear Latin mass. Last time I did was in St. Jerome in Alabang when traditional Latin Mass was still part of their parish’s schedule.

This tradition spoke to me this way. “The Mass is not about you, it’s about HIM.”

The SSPX Priory in Upper Thompson is a modest church built inside a two storey house. Literally constructed  from the inside. The exterior appears as it is but the  interior, an elegant baroque chapel. The place can accommodate hundred worshipers easily, maybe more – but there’s only a handful attendees, normal numbers I was told.

Not far, about 100 meters, is the Holy Spirit Church. Also a Catholic church. This reminded me that there are yet to be resolve differences between these group of priests and the Church.

A sign right in front of the door makes it clear that the priory is “open to visitors”. Inside, the ceiling is not lofty but well lit, painted white. No expensive chandeliers, no advance audio system. It’s everything you’d expect from a small traditional Catholic church. I imagine it to be similar, if not in physical dimension, in its lack of ornamentation, to those churches that existed in the early days.

If you read Catholic Church history, you’ve probably heard of SSPX. A very controversial group that was established after the Vatican II. They oppose the “modernist” changes the council decided to put in place.

A couple of years ago Benedict had lifted the excommunications the church meted when its founder,  French archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, consecrated four bishops against John Paul II’s orders.

“Secrets are from the devil,” the Cardinal said when advised to hide the consecration from the public and Vatican.

Lefebvre, foreseeing his death, went ahead with the consecration to ensure SSPX’s survival. But things has been quite rough for this group of traditional Catholics.

The Cardinal died an ex-communicant. Denounced and separated from the Church he so wanted to preserve.

For additional information about SSPX in Singapore please visit the site below (includes how-to-get-there information, mass schedules etc.)


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We’re doing the good Cardinal justice by posting articles about the TLM.


The Archbishop is true with regards to the many things he said in his “Open Letter to Confused Catholics”. There is also a documentary about him.


Erroneous and faulty conclusion you made in your biased article. The Archbishop was never a Cardinal. Do your homework before you make public statements in your blog. The Archbishop wasn’t “denounced and separated from the Church he so wanted to preserve”. The Catholic Church has been infiltrated by non-Catholic enemies. If you don’t know that, you do now and cannot claim “invincible ignorance”. Read Taylor Marshall’s latest 2019 book “Infiltration”.

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