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I remember that church in Loay

Nothing could be more dispiriting to a heritage advocate than seeing centuries old churches turned into piles of rubble. I don’t know what to make out of this cataclysmal tremor. Maybe I was so used to seeing people dismantle historic religious structures that I never thought that God could take them away too. Internet has […]

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Prayers For Bohol

When I saw photos of Loon, Baclayon and Loboc churches on line after the massive earthquake earlier I couldn’t help but feel this deep sadness wash over me. Bohol prides itself for having some of the best preserved centuries old churches (I went to see these churches back in 2009). These historical gems are now […]

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The Past Reminds

I dedicated a corner in my room  to the churches of Spanish Philippine Intramuros. I have eight church photos placed in four small frames. Out of all of these churches, only San Agustin survived WWII. Manila Cathedral was rebuilt after the war while San Ignacio still lies in ruins. Why are these photos so important? The […]

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Another Heritage Restoration TV Series

[youtube=] I started watching “The Restoration Man” last year after some kind hearted soul started uploading a few episodes on youtube. Like “Restoration Homes” it’s in the UK where castles, churches and houses that dates back hundreds of years are being bought by new owners dreaming of creating a home for themselves. It’s a daunting […]

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