San Francisco de Malabon, AKA Trías

There’s hardly anything left of the old Spanish era San Francisco de Malabon. Even the old name was lost. The province dropped its hispanized name in the early 1900’s to honor its greatest son, Mariano Trías, the vice president of the de facto government created in the Tejeros convention. A province mate, Congressman Emilio Virata, himself a historian and […]

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puto biñan and an alberto house-less biñan

A few weeks ago a colleague shared with me his baon.  Now, usually I’d politely decline such offers but when I found out that it’s puto biñan I just dug in. The last time I had one was two years ago. puto biñan is the most delectable of all puto. And I could say this […]

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Baluarte de San Diego and Mang Lakay

Baluarte de San Diego is among the original surviving structures of the old Intramuros. A ruin as storied as the churches that once dotted Intramuros, the baluarte is said to be the first area the British took during their advance to Manila. It is also among the first structure to be built in stone. It surprises me […]

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