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Born in Santa Ana, Manila in 1979 to Visayan parents. The blogger advocates the conservation of Spanish era heritage buildings, structures, areas and artifacts. An avid traveler and historical researcher but holds no formal training in Philippine history. A traditional Catholic and a proud product of Philippine public schools.

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This site is dedicated to

Our Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary

Nanay & Papa, mi hermano Sam,

the paralytic patriot Mabini

& the late Doña Amparo Quillen Keyser

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  1. Thanks for you comment in my blog about “The Golden age of Philippine Cinema”. You are right. I understand what you are saying, and so i changed that part about Nora Aunor. Well, see it for youself. Thank you again.

  2. I read your comment about what seems to lack of Ellis Island presence for Filipinos. Contrary to common knowledge -Filipinos are present in Ellis Island history. Pls. visit my website that debunks this myth
    Mabuhay ang ‘Pinas
    Maria Elizabeth Embry of Antioch California

  3. hi–
    thanks for dropping by my blog. i never thought that somebody would read that entry 🙂
    i’m checking your site and there’s a lot of interesting work about history that i’d surely enjoy to read.
    thanks again!

  4. i am not a blogger but your posted blogs interests me, especially the one about mr.ambeth ocampo because my professor have mentioned about him and his book. i have read a few blogs about the retraction controversy of rizal and it seems that a lot of people think that it is a “mere controversy”. do you know of any other unusual info about rizal? hoping for an immediate reply. thanks. Ö

  5. Hi Jecca, Everyone can blog and i would like to encourage to start yours, you can pursue certain themes that interest you or just keep one like a diary.
    I would like to answer your question but I believe that the best answers were already written by Ambeth Ocampo, his books about him are packed with interesting facts about the hero, so there, go and grab one.

  6. Hi there, thank you for coming by, this may be a late response but I wasn’t online for the past weeks. I saw your brave comment in my Bonifacio post, thank you for sharing your views in that thread. You have a great blog bro 🙂 keep in touch

  7. in relation to your picture at the asian civilization museum, i dont know if you work there or just posed there. just in case you work there, i got so offended with that museum. they called it asian civilization, hardly any information or material was mentioned about the philippines. when i made my visit there, made me think, what is their problem.
    just in case you just visited, did you feel the same sentiments as to mine?

    1. Singapores first ever Catholic Cathedral, their oldest, the one that stands in front of CHJMES was built by the generous donations of Manila Cathedral and the people of Manila – and that the Cardinal then of Manila was the one who petitioned and supported its founding. The Catholic population today is a testament of the Philippines role in Christianizing Singapore.This, in my view, is greater than what museum exhibits can do. We once had that influence in Asia.

  8. @ Mark – don’t mention it man. link up once you have your photo blog up! one day we’ll shoot the skies together!
    @Sr. Masera – Gracias por visitar el blog! i will add yours shortly.

  9. I’m glad I strayed into this blog. Since I migrated to Vancouver three years ago, my spirit has been zooming home at the slightest cue. Often I can hardly bring it back here and with ease; I didn’t expect this to happen. I had thought one could turn away and be completely changed. The truth is, the deeper I integrate into Canadian life, the more persistent everything I left behind rises to the surface. Thus, I’ve been mining my memory and writing out what I recall, feeling awful that I unloaded my Filipiniana at the National Library and UST Library, but especially my late husband’s notes (Felix N. Imperial, Jr.), restoration architect on his work of 40 years on the Walls and Fortifications of Intramuros. But then again, if I did lug them along with me, would I have the strength of spirit to get on? Thanks to blogs like yours, I feel I haven’t lost much of what I have virtually given away and perhaps, lost, as you seem to cover much of what means greatly to a Filipino.

  10. @ Sra Guia – I’m deeply moved by your words, though I don’t consider my blog worthy of such treatment, I appreciate your compliment. Thanks for supporting your late husband, Architect Imperial, for without your inspiration Intramuros would not be what it is today. He was a great man. Its because of people like you guys that young and old continues to learn from our glorious past. Thank you.

  11. how come you never write Spanish names with the proper diacritics? That doesn’t do justice to the blog, nor to our relics.

  12. Thank you for your post of the Trappist, Brother Rafael Baron. This is the first I am hearing of him and I’m on my way to a few days at our Trappist Monastery. May he pray for us.
    Please take a look at the website, WordofGodEveryday.com (and also BenedictEveryday.com)…I’d like to know if you would consider sharing some of your photos to be used on the website for the Scriptures.
    In Jesus,
    Sr. Kathleen

  13. @Sor Kathleen – Thank you for visiting the blog. Please use everything that you find useful from this little blog of mine.
    @Elmer – hey, I don’t know when but someday soon, I was there this day of the year and i really miss the province.

  14. Muchas gracias for your blog, It was read in 2008 by my classmate in the US which reunited our stateside classmates with our high school batch who remained.
    I am just becoming computer literate and just read your blog for the first time.Serendipity. Surprise to find me being excorited by an angry blogger about my correct comment on Bro. Gonzales essay. The perils of writing the truth about our past.
    Am happy to inform you that I have written a book QUE BARBARIDAD; Spanish in Philippine Language which show that Spanish is the language that made us a nation and that some nationalist historians are liars.
    I’d like to exchange views with you thru email.
    Don Pio Quixotico de Paracale

  15. Hi Sr. Dn. Pio,
    We have met before, during you Urdaneta lecture in Instituto Cervantes, remember that rude national artist Sionil Jose, abruptly interrupting you with his non-sense?
    Nice to hear that you’ve released yet another book. I look forward on having a copy. I admire so much your methodical research. I remember your book on egomaniacal Romulo.
    You can reach me here or better yet at my email: withonespast@gmail.com

    1. So we did meet in that Urdaneta Conference. At tht time, I was completely computer illiterate, not having a computer but only a typewriter.
      Of course, I remember Sionil-Jose rudely interrupting my lecture. He asked when I talked on the Rizal land case: “Are you saying Rizal is a liar?” In that case, Rizal did.Like any human beings, Rizal had his qouta of lies and malice.
      I have enough data for another book: RIZAL’S EXECUTION STORY: COMEDY, MYTHOLOGY & STUPIDITY . The book will contain newspaper accounts, oral histories, eyewitnesses accounts, biographical accounts of the execution and I will expose the myths, inventions, and lies of some of the accounts. For one thing the Ultimo Adios in the National Library could not be the original.
      Keep up the good work..

      1. hi Sr. Dn. Pio,
        Well, him being a proponent of the propaganda means that he was engaged on exaggerating facts to forward their agenda. It is, after all, the object of propaganda. But I hold him in high regard. Students needs to dig deep of what he was all about, unfortunately, this is not an easy task as he has been demified by our history text.
        Let’s meet one day in Guillermo Gomez’ house, we have so many topics that we need to discuss.
        un abrazo,

  16. confirmation lang po, meron po ba talagang secret tunnel sa crypt ng underground cemetery papuntang mt.banahaw ? and papuntang simbahan ng san bartolome?

  17. @ Ernie – that’s what I’ve been told. These legends has drawn a lot of treasure hunters (and nasty rumors) in the past. The Friars are a very smart bunch, they’ve always had these escape routes for safety, for themselves and the church’s treasure. Some of the parishes during the Spanish era are isolated, being humans, they also adhere to the law of the land – self preservation. Not sure if there is an underground channel Nagcarlang – I would not be surprise if there was – if they can build an underground cemetery why not a tunnel 🙂

  18. Thanks for posting an article about St. Vincent Ferrer’s miracle. I hope you will not be angry if i copy and paste in my FB.
    God be with you and the blessing from St. Vincent Ferrer be shower upon you.

  19. I learned about your blog through a mutual friend who currently resides in Cebu. i just want to say that I find your blog very interesting and i hope you continue to write. i have my own blog too but i haven’t been able to update it on a regular basis. anyway, more power to you! glad to meet you even if only via the Net for the time being.

  20. hi GL how are you?
    2 years na ang iba sa amin..
    I lost my sun sim yet i do hope you’re ok as always..
    my email is scinfratenzo@live.com.. i hope you get this.. do send me a mail if you read this.. bogart and me misses you..

  21. pre, im very proud of you. salamat at nagkita ulit tayo sa haba ng panahon. sana magkwentuhan ulit tayong parang mga bata sa bagtikan. thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Thanks man. Nakatanim na sa memorya natin ang kalye kung saan tayo nagsilake. Parang kailan lang. Nakakalungkot dahil wala na ang mga bahay, nakakatuwa pagnaalala dahil hindi naman pala nawala. Tayo na ang Calle Bagtican.
      Regards to you & your family. Take good care, see you again.

  22. Continue your good work De Anda! I like your advocacy. I’m surprised that you’re a young pa pala. I thought you’re some old guy trying to relive the glory days of our beloved nation. You give hope na kabataan ang pagasa pa din ng bayan.

    1. @ Orang – Thank you!
      @ Junever – No, I’m not from UP.
      @ Janice – I wish I have time to do tours!
      @ Mrs. Providence – Thank you!

  23. hello. you have wonderful photographs of theaters in iloilo that i’ve never seen before. may i ask who owned these? it’s great that they been preserved. would you know nick deocampo, ilonggo the filmmaker/film archivist? i spoke to him recently and he told me he is writing a book on film exhibition in western visayas. (he has previously written a thick tome on the history of the philippine film industry, and cebuano cinema) i think the information/images that you have would be a great contribution to his book 🙂

    1. Hi Tara – I’m sure Nick’s aware of those old cinemas in downtown Iloilo. He being Ilongo. Not sure who owns Regent and Eagle today.

  24. You’re blog about Ricarte is a big help for my research specially his pictures. I like it! Good job! I wonder if you know some of his living relatives??
    Thanks in advance 😀

  25. @sheila – I don’t. I heard some of them resides in San Francisco de Malabon (now General Trias, Cavite). Tried but failed to locate ’em Ricartes 🙂

  26. Landed on your site while looking for Nick’s documentary on Filipino cinema. Browsing over some of the stuff you wrote. Yours is a bit different frm the usual travel blogs. I like the history you write along the places u visit. Good work.

  27. I’ve read some of your post (trying to read…) unlike other travel blogs your not pretentious and I think you are who you are. your blog is just your thoughts. I like to start one . thnx to you… I like the anonymity of your post. You could be anyone, you could be that guy I saw in the museum or that one taking pictures of Binondo church, good job. BTW, I’m a history student like you.

    1. @mikey – Thanks. “You could be anyone…” hahaha. Ok. That made my day. I would be very delighted if you’ll start a history blog of your own.

  28. Very interesting blog and its good that you have visited Germany, it has much history which I think your blog is about

  29. Hi De Anda, I just liked your blog on fb. I enjoy reading your history blogs, I can feel ur passion for it.

  30. hi de anda…..
    im an architect and a part-time instructor…. Im teaching Architectural Conservation Heritage… and one of my class project is the Anda Circle…. and i have difficulties of finding the Architectural Plan of the monument and very few articles related to Anda…hopefully you could help me on this… thanks.

  31. I remember meeting you in Dumaguete. We are related as your father is a kin to my mother. I’m glad to know that you have a blog, do you have an FB?

  32. You travel not to travel blog but to study heritage of other countries so you can reflect on your own. Good work De Anda.

  33. Thanks for the artictles about Singapore. I’ve been here since the 90’s Sir. I can’t wait to see and shoot the places you wrote about.

  34. Im n my late 60s and just started using the internet. You have written some good historical articles. Good job on that. You look young also, so that;s is good. Long way t go!

  35. I like your country very much and I hope to visit it again. Im into history so very helpful. I stated in Cebu for 3 months.

  36. You have good insights on the historical nature of Catholicism. It is only from you that I hear the argument that Catholicism has helped shape your nations unique identity. Many are not comfortable with this information. Salamat.

  37. These are more reflections and commentary on the state of heritage comservation. I wish I travelled as much as you did when I was younger. I’ve seen the world but not my Philippines. Congratulations.
    Frank McCormick

  38. @Tracey Black – Cool thanks
    @Mr James Earl – Hope your doing well there in London man
    @EC Boy Santos – Thanks
    @Lån – Thanks
    @Jonas – Of course, how can forget!
    @Merlin – Thanks
    @Bro Aleli – Thanks
    @Jonathan – SG’s quite a historic place fr us Filipinos
    @Saulo – Thanks
    @Fil-Can – That’s the whitest name I’ve ever heard!

  39. Are you from Binan? are you related with the Albertos? I grew up seeing that house there, its sad that the family allowed to have it demolished.

  40. Hey bro., Nat here from AU. I stumbled upon ur blog and recognized you by your pic. Remember the banda rito banda roon days? mga adik sa basketbol nag cut pa classes, we play hoops even at 12 noon! I cn see your still in to arts, walang nagbago, intelektwal ampucha hanep. Sa FEU ka grad? I heard from Iman nun nagkita kami ng fine arts ka dw dun. what’s your facebook man?

  41. Hey! I want to say thank you for following my blog and for putting my site up on your blogroll! I truly appreciate that. Great articles by the way, you have a great opinion and a balanced view on topics.

    1. de nada my friend. You have a great site. Cool photos, I enjoy your articles. Hopefully, you can visit las islas filipinas, so you get to experience a different kind of hispanismo.

  42. hi i just have seen your blog about san guillermo church, i just want to ask your real name and address for my thesis. really need it. i got some info about it and i will put it in my thesis. thanks for that!

  43. was in SAVES ’81-84. sana buhay pa yun mga teacher now. nakakamiss and yes yun riles saka train pag nadaan dineg na dineg sa classroom ahahahaha

  44. Hi I’ve read about your article about “tulay pigue” . May I know where you got your reference about theodore tobler having plantation in Majayjay?
    I look forward on your response. Thanks in advance! 🙂

  45. Sir madame po ak0ng katanungan karamihan tungol kay aguinaldo may fb po ba kayo?
    Glomer gandol po paki add nlng ak0 sa fb kung maari maraming salamat

  46. Hey! A fellow filipino here 😉 I want to experience your adventures too. Is it easy to travel all over? And I’m interested in meeting you. But first I must finish my tesda n college courses first. I’m 17 haha

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  49. Thanks for the post about the rendicion de tetuan of San Joaquin Iloilo. Learned something new. Got interested after visiting the place today. Hopefully you can keep this up. Your posts are really something. 👍😊

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