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Meet up with Dr. Legarda

  I had a senior moment a few days ago. I accidentally deleted the original post “Meeting Dr. Legarda” (December 2017). I tried googling caches of the blog online hoping that there’s a copy out there somewhere to no avail. And so, I’m starting from scratch.   I wanted to ask Dr. Benito Legarda Jr. […]

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Historia | Muntinglupa

#AngLarawan: not a film review

We Filipinos complain about the sad state of our film industry. But when a good local film comes out it doesn’t get the support it deserves. Ang Larawan, adapted from Joaquin’s Portrait of an Artist as a Filipino (1952) is as good as it gets. A friend remarked, “sadyang mababaw daw tayong mga Filipino.” I […]

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Pinoy style toponymy

A young local politician told me that the origin of Alabang is the word abang (tagalog for “to wait”). Bandits during the Spanish era use to ambush unsuspecting people he said. Legends are more appealing than real history. The small Rio Alban (the one in Festival Mall) gave her name to Alabang. Boring story, I […]

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The Past Reminds

I dedicated a corner in my room  to the churches of Spanish Philippine Intramuros. I have eight church photos placed in four small frames. Out of all of these churches, only San Agustin survived WWII. Manila Cathedral was rebuilt after the war while San Ignacio still lies in ruins. Why are these photos so important? The […]

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