ChinoyTV and Myself

chinoytv, stan chi, vance alfonso, binondo, chinatown, manila It was pass noon time when I reached Calle Condesa. In an eatery right beside Binondo church I was greeted at the door by ChinoyTV researcher and producer Vance Alfonso. Inside I was introduced to the camera men, Richard Gregorio and Mon Santiago, Jeffrey Lui of Tara Let’s Go […]

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Food Walk-less Chinatown

Whenever I’m in town one place I always visit is the Chinatown. You would think that a country that have a high percentage ethnic Chinese population would not have the need for a Chinatown but here in Singapore they do have one. Back in the days, groups of people were segregated. No longer the case […]

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Malaysia | Singapura

Chinatowns: SG & KL

I used to come to Singapore’s Chinatown way back in 2008 to shop for bargains or just stroll around aimlessly or grab some quick chow. Here you’ll eat even when you’re not hungry. Everything here reminds me of our Chinatown minus Binondo and Sta. Cruz Church, pancit and the local hopia. It’s remarkable how these […]

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