Manila | Muntinglupa

To España (via Philippine National Railroad!)

No not madre españa but that frequently flooded area named after the Iberian motherland. The journey felt like an attraction ride. It ran steady at 20 kilometers per hour as it wildly swayed from side to side. Not to disparage efforts our government is taking to modernize our train network but like its current speed—it’s […]

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Makati | Singapura

Old Train Stations and Memories

A week ago, I visited Singapore’s old central train station. Though I didn’t see its interior, seeing the exterior’s art deco design was enough to make me feel better. Such structures has become rarer as time has gone on. This accidental discovery has led me to another abandoned train station – the old Bukit Timah […]

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Philippine Railway: A Revival?

When we moved here in the southern metro way back in the early 90s, we were still sporadically taking trains. One of the considerations of course is its affordability. I remember that the last time I rode one was during my 2nd year in high school. Somewhere near FTI someone threw a plastic garbage bag […]

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