Hong Kong

Touch Down Hong Kong

I’ve been wanting to see the historical places here where Filipino patriots spent time during their exile. I have no plans other than seeing these places. Well, maybe eat in a fancy resto, dine in class and sip some high grade wine – but that’sa a dream. That’s not going to happen. Budget is not […]

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San Miguel Beer Bar @ Changi

The brand is a genuine Filipino original. It enjoys bigger following even in countries like Hong Kong and  Singapore. I found this booth in Changi Budget Terminal serving passengers waiting for their flights back home. We don’t have a lot of big international brands that are well-known all over the world. So I get excited, like […]

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Makati | Personal

Goodbye Doña Amparo

Protection, shelter that’s what her name means in Spanish. And this is exactly what she gave her love ones. She was a generous and loving lady. I know. I’ve had the privilege of being close to her. I was a recipient of her love. I will always look up for her. She was a star.Though […]

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