Short Bintan holiday

The go-to spot for short holidays for many residents here (Singapore) is the Indonesian island of Bintan. It literally is a worry-free trip, you don’t even have to go to the money changer, they actually prefer Singapore’s currency over theirs. We have visited the island a few times but I particularly enjoyed our last stay. […]

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Finally made it to Istana!

My wife and I have been making plans to visit the Istana for many years. Whenever we’re about to go something comes up, and we end up putting it off. So it was with great relief when we finally pulled it off two weeks ago! It’s only open to the public during the country’s official […]

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Paranormal | Personal

Ghostly visitation

It’s that time of the year when people share stories of the paranormal. I have an eloquent and comforting one that I’d like to share. Ever since my father died I’ve been thinking about the old question, “do we survive death?” Where do we go after the lights go out? Are ghostly visitations a hint […]

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Historia | Personal

Magellan’s a hero too?

Growing up, Magallanes’ a place where we took buses going to Alabang. In grade school, I remember a cardboard illustration in a wall depicting Magellan and Lapu-Lapu fighting while in knee-deep seawater. We all know how that ended.     When I started reading local history books, the Portuguese explorer was always depicted as a […]

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Historia | Manila

Lady of Guidance!

I got a notification from a website called a few days ago. They added my blog (here) about Nuestra Señora de Guia as reference. Wikipedia’s entry on Ermita Church used that same blog. But all I did was type, the content came from a worn booklet, “Libreta y Novena”, handed to me when I visited […]

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