What is this?

April 22, 2008

Fortification, originally uploaded by Arnaldos’ shutter.

I found what look like to be a fortification or a small bridge below the present bridge in Poblacion, Muntinlupa. I was curious enough to take this picture and ask some people around what’s this structure. No one seems to know.

This could very well be a footbridge since it was built above the small estero but could also be a recent dike built to control flood water. This has caught my attention for I do not know what it is, I hope I could figure this one out soon.

In the present time, I’m researching the city for historical heritage sites.

Much of the fame this once sleepy town has is owed to Bilibid prisons which as I would write later – played a key role in building the municipality’s community, commerce and reputation.

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