Fuente O

July 20, 2009

The first time I saw this structure is when I went to Robinson’s to grab some groceries. I then crossed the rotunda and spent some time sitting on a bench facing the avenue that leads to the provincial capitol. It’s hard to miss its because it’s the centerpiece of a looping road that connects the major streets of Cebu.

Built to commemorate Cebu’s waterworks system and named after Cebu’s greatest son, Sergio Osmena. The premier politicos (together with some American expats) of that era in the province inaugurated the white painted fountain as Cebu’s kilometer zero, its symbol  of its wealth and historical significance. An image of this fountain can also be found in the 50 peso bill, a prestige it shares with Malacanang, the Aguinaldo mansion and EDSA.

If you come closer, you’ll see the names the of people who made the project possible, from the President to its engineers. The dedication is superbly written in Spanish.

The inscriptions provides the name of the officials at that time, the marker reads: Junta Provincial, Gob. Dionisio Jakosalem, Manuel Roa (tercer membro), E. Garnett (Teserero), Vicente Teves (Presidente Municipal), Gregorio Abendan, Marcelo Regner. Ingenieros HF Cameron (Director), EJ Halsema (Auxiliar), MV Regner.

The Fuente with Regency hotel on the background
The Fuente with Regency hotel on the background

I remember the Carriedo fountain whenever I’d pass by Fuente (or Fuente O as some locals here would call it), which was dedicated to the man who donated some of his galleon trade wealth to improve Manila’s waterworks. I’m not sure if  Fuente Carriedo still works. Fuente O, on the other hand is well kept, and at night it looks even more attractive. Some private organizations has donated money and plants for its beautification.

What I find interesting is that the city government is fighting the provincial for its possession. Just a sample how divisive Filipino politics can be, even this circular park and its historic fountain are not exempted from political bickering between these disuniting elected officials.

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great trivia Arnold. Thanks for sharing.

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