Mantayupan Falls

November 8, 2009

I was browsing pictures of the trips I had in Visayas and just realize that I have a terrible back (b)log! there are a lotta places that I haven’t posted here. So I would be trying to put some of them here together with the most recent trips (Luzon). Though I don’t consider the site a “travel” blog (pero parang ganun na rin) the goal is for the site to mainly focus on “Filipino” history, heritage conservation and at the same time promote  some of the lesser known locations that I feel deserves our attention.

I went to Barili August of this year searching for Cañete relatives but went back to my Cebu City apartment with more questions and no answers. I’m still trying to figure out how to connect some dots that I hope would reunite this branch of the family. Everybody is saying that it would be easy to find them because of their “Escrimador” fame but I guess they’re as elusive as their martial art. I’ll skip this for now, will write about this some other time, some other place.

For now, I’m posting the wonderful pictures I took from Barili’s famous Mantayupan falls.

Cebu's answer to Pagsanjan!
Little falls...
In the jungle of Barili

I don’t know when was this place developed, in my opinion its good for the public but it could be bad for nature if things gets out of hand. Nothing wrong with people enjoying the natural wonder of Barili, its nice to see people cooking and grilling and drinking, its cool, as long as they clean up after they go. It was very nice to see families just enjoying food and talking. There are no Videoke (none yet) and electricity. The place closes around 6pm.

Not a lot people know that the only way you can go up to the falls before is through a cave (called ambakan), a ver small one, that can be found at the bottom stream. In the early 1900’s, they carved steps on some of the stones so Barili natives and out of town visitors can catch a glimpsed of the majestic falls. Swallows and bats can still be found the cave, a man who works there said that there are snakes in its crevices, they keep the bat population in check. I’m not really keen on finding if there are any!

There were no iron and concrete trails before, only this...
Maybe a geologist can help explain what this is?
Steep steps.

The concreting of the passages and the iron trails not only altered the natural course of the stream but the whole landscape. Well its already there and whether you agree with it or not, its impossible to reverse what has already been done. The waters must be channeled so it could be use for irrigation and power generation. I don’t want to oppose progress but  in the long run, there should be a program that would aim to preserve the natural beauty of Mantayupan Falls.

We have to think of the next generation. And this monkey.

Free this monkey!
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been there last jan 1…… very nice place………well preserved…..