NHI: “New & Improved!”

November 19, 2009
I wish I had brought my digicam today! (Photo: Taken Summer 2008)

I got nothing better to do today so I decided to check out NHI’s bookstore in Kalaw. Last time I went there was summer of ‘08, bought some books and wandered around the institution’s vicinity. Construction was all over the place last year, I took it as a good sign. Now, the place is clean and orderly, “beautified” with very good security and an elevator was added [yes, you heard me right!]. Blank walls were transformed to relief sculptures depicting events from our past. A world of difference from the old NHI building of the late 90’s.

I admire Ambeth’s leadership, his accomplishment speaks for itself, for me there’s no one who could do a better job for NHI. But I do have a problem with that Calamba incident though, I happen to disagree with the horrific painting job of Rizal’s reconstructed ancestral home. I don’t know what was he thinking! but other than this blunder, his commitment to protect and promote historical sites has been truly impressive. I saw him in Cebu last August, when he inaugurated the installation of the historical marker for Cebu’s Capitol building. In the coming months NHI would install additional markers in Carcar. Hope that I could see them when I visit Cebu again.

After paying for the books that I ordered on the 4th floor [that elevator made life easy!] I went to the Museum of Philippine Political History, located on the ground floor just behind the lobby counter. I was greeted by this friendly chap, Noel, who offered to show me around. The place continues to amaze me [kulang na lang libreng merienda!] The courteousness of these NHI staff brought back to mind the NHI lady in Nagcarlan. The Chairman’s enthusiasm has really amazing effects! the guides told me that Ambeth reads the logbook for comments and feedbacks. Noel walk me through the museums collection [very good ones, some originals and replicas]. His history is very good, he told me that he use to teach but found being a tour guide more appealing – we spoke about Osmena and his admirable qualities. Time flew so fast that I had to cut short the interesting discussion. There was another guide named Janice, she was touring a group of Timorese from some school in Manila. Buti pa sila interesado sa historia natin ^_^

Bravo! Really, you people are doing commendable job there! keep on rockin’!

18 November 2009

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Where is this place located brotha? I got to see this.