Noynoy Aquino’s Day

July 1, 2010

I saw some clips of the Noynoy inauguration on youtube. Just what I’ve expected it was full of emotion and promises – at some point he started to sound like a candidate again which was really disappointing. Never liked the guy, never voted for him but of course I want him to succeed because there’s too much at stake for us, our country is at the cross roads – our leadership, from the president to the local governments needs our support and cooperation.

The final resting place of Ninoy and Cory (Manila Memorial Sucat Paranaque), Noynoy's parents. Their tombs are venerated like those of the martyrs. It has become a shrine and hallowed ground for many Filipinos. On this very same day, the Aquino sibling visited their parents. I met Manny Macro of the Philippine Star who told me that he's in charge covering the important events that takes place here for PS. He credits the tomb caretaker for providing him information whenever an important person is about to visit the site. He believes that Cory is a saint. He took this picture of me and my bike (July 2010). I left after the supporters, security men and media started to crowd the area.

The biggest challenge for Noynoy is fulfilling his promises. When he spoke of justice – does this include his family? The farmers that died in their hacienda – What about them? Will he finally distribute the Cojuanco farming lands that for some strange reason are almost exempted from lawful distribution?

He said that he’ll bring justice to the “oppressors” of this country. The last time I checked, we are still chasing  the Marcoses and has made little progress – will he do this to GMA? EDSA failed to live up to its promise because the small people were forgotten while the elites, the politicians and the kamaganak plundered and ruined the government. This is NOT what the martyred Ninoy had in mind when he accepted his fate of being shot in the MIA tarmac. An idol, the principled ex-senator Rene Saguisag himself, an EDSA supporter acknowledges that “we are in much worst shape now”. And still some Coryista’s robbed the country while they were in power have the nerve to claim that they too were heroes of democracy. Cory was a great woman, I respect her dearly, I believe that she had the interest of the country in her heart but she had a bad government, largely because of the people she trusted. These men were the ones to blame why we lost the EDSA momentum.

This Noynoy tough talk is ok, if you’re running for office but if you’re already elected you better start realize that your country needs to be united by your words, you have that power as the president – Someone must slap this man’s head and remind him that he’s the president now and that he better act like one. No more Mommy and Daddy statements. Enough of this election talk and plan for reforms and agendas that would move forward our economy.

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58% of our fellow filipinos doesn’t want Noynoy to be the President, a huge majority sees him uncapable of leading us.

I’m sure it’ll be a big challenge for our new President to make us believe his battlecry.


The remaining 42% of our fellow Filipinos wanted Noynoy to become a Kapamilya actor so that he could join forces with loveable sister Kris. Together, they can make a telenovela and call it “Magkapatid”, reminiscent of Tita Shawie and Juday’s forgettable film.

Or the Aquino siblings can revive the sitcom era by pairing up in a show called “Noynoy & Kris”.

Shalani Soledad, Levi’s distant relative, will, of course, make a good leading lady for Noynoy. She’s got the look!


Syempre naman, Soledad e hehe.


hay, sana hindi xa hanggang wang wang lang…