Taytay Falls Majayjay: Let's Keep It Clean

February 8, 2011

The problem with developing nature sites and converting them to tourist spots in our country is that eventually it falls into neglect. Take for example Taytay Falls in Majayjay where comfort rooms and all the other structures built to serve holiday makers are all left in shambles, worst, there’s no one supervising visitor activities. During the weekend people are allowed to set up drinking parties. I don’t understand why alcohol is not banned in the premises.
Large groups means big collection – this is probably the reason why drinking is not prohibited – and the barrio is lucky that they can cash in from the beauty of Majayjay’s popular falls. But with this “entrance fee” money comes the inescapable responsibility of keeping the nature place safe and clean. Where does the collected money go? Today, it cost P20 to enter with this increase you expect that there are improvement in waste management at least.
People like me visit such places to experience nature and freedom – it’s hard to enjoy when you have loud intoxicated people flinging their cigarette butts and rubbish around. These people must not be welcomed anywhere near our nature reserves.

I had to go downstream to get some quiet space. The rented tents (big business for locals) upstream are packed with merrymakers loaded with liquor and food stuff (that some eventually would find their way to the water as there are no garbage cans around).

Over the years, Taytay falls has has slowly been losing its natural charm. It’s too crowded during the weekends that its almost impossible to enjoy.
I’m not saying that we stop developing places like Taytay Falls – we can learn nature conservation from seeing natural beauty first hand – but definitely we need to limit such projects in a way that it would not alter the natural environment. And if we convert nature places like this into parks we have to ensure that we look after the place and not just milk it for cash.
The water that streams down from the falls is cold and crystal clear. Majayjay truly one of Laguna's scenic towns blessed with natural and Fil-Hispanic heritage sites.

For my previous post about the falls [click here].

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ako din ganyan din na encounter ko when i visit taytay falss sana magkaroon sila ng protocol para ma protect ang nature. sana magkaroon din ng descipline ang mga bumibisita dto.