Cutest Rizal Monument everrrr…

March 23, 2011

Even Rizal would've like this one!

I’ve been around the country  and I’ve yet to see a municipio or a city hall without a Rizal monument. Is there a law instructing all local government to have one?
I’ve seen some odd ones, some really old ones (early 1900’s), some neglected and some that doesn’t even look like the hero – but of course you assume its him.
One of my favorite is this one that stands in front of a remote municipio of San Fernando in Camotes Island. Not only does their monument really looks like the hero the monument and its environ is very well kept. Who ever maintains the small park deserves a job in Malacanan Palace!
Another detail that caught my attention was the color of the pedestal where the lifelike statue of Rizal stand. Did they picked green because of the meaning of the hero’s last name?

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