Short Trek to Panganuron Falls

May 8, 2011

Just dug up an old video (from the “baul” of short films and picture take some years back) and was reminded of the team I so enjoyed working with in the Queen City of the South.
This falls is called Panganuron Falls. Named after the great man who unified the once divided local tribes. Not as impressive compared to other falls in the region but still a sight to behold.
It was a short hike but a tiring one. I could not forget passing by rotting langka fruits. They were so plenty that no one bothers to harvest them. Along the trail I picked some balimbing that I believe was not familiar to them. Bamboos grow unimpeded. The “bangin” in the area is some of the steepest I’ve seen and yet my team were singing like nursery pupils.
The guy in the video is a fella name Hevert. I like teasing him, calls him “Pervert” all the time. He’s a good sport. He always have some strange stories to tell that makes the team laugh non stop.  Hevert is a math major who aspires to teach one day. A wiz with numbers. The other people on the video are too far for me to recognize. They were jumping in and out of the crystal clear water like crazy.
We camped out and ate puso (rice wrapped in a sap) and some grilled isaw and pork. Then came the rain that lasted for about an hour or so. But before the rain, there was this violent lightning storm. I felt it was too close. I said a little prayer that night. Next morning, I was told that a pig in a nearby house was struck by lightning. How it happened or if it was true – I never found out.
We were heading out back to the city that same morning. The early morning trips are good. The dolphins shows up at around the early hours. Another form of entertainment in this long sea trip back to the city is the amazing flying fishes that glide effortlessly away from the passing boat.
Seeing all the islands by boat was just an awesome experience. Makes me appreciate our country’s natural beauty more and more. What’s not to love about MY islands? Nothing!
I should come back and say hi to this folks, someday soon I hope. They gifted this Tagalog, a wanderer in their beautiful land, with great memories.

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