Marcos Burial – Almost

June 7, 2011

Just when you thought its over – hindi pa pala. Looks like this one is not going away easily.
Nonoy should just make the call. Ones and for all settle the matter.
This guy tend to pass on responsibility to someone else. Obviously not a very good leadership style. Turns people off – big time.
The dead is not going to bury the dead. There’s no glory, not even for in the family of victims, disallowing burial.
In Libingan?
Why not?
Because its a shameless attempt to rewrite history some say?
If GMA goes down tomorrow, she’ll be provided with spot in the Libingan.
Some less deserving military officials (like a military guy who got killed in a drug bust!) had been accorded with military honors and proper burial there.
We deny Marcos?
A war vet and president.
An American writer exposed that Macoy exaggerated his claims as a guerilla leader.
Didn’t Gen. Capinpin gave testimony to the exploits of the then Lieutenant Marcos?
Wasn’t there records that he was captured by the Japs and was made to join the infamous death march of Bataan?
Perhaps he exaggerated. Even soon to be American presidents exagerrate their military records to look good. That’s politics. But no doubt he was there, fighting a war – whether he believe in it or not.
If I were the family, I would no longer insist on a slot in the Libingan or even go after full military honor. Just ask that he be buried in his hometown.
Columnist Jose Ma. Montelibano said in his column today: “We, too, the Filipino, must find a way to look at the Marcos legal issue from the point of morality and justice, then hold our ground because of conviction. But we, too, the Filipino, must find a way to look at the Marcos burial from the point of culture, family and even kindness. The wrong of Marcos and the burial of Marcos are very related concerns, but they are not the same. In that perspective may come the elusive answer. But by all means, let Marcos be buried.”
Lets all move on.
Lastly, I think he would want even the simplest of burial considering that he’s been frozen in a crypt for a long, long time.
The electric bill must have been really high in that household.

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