Bangus Dumangas

July 7, 2011

The Bangus, or milkfish, is loved by Filipinos everywhere. Filipinos learned to cook it in so many different and delicious ways.

I even heard of a place where they cook it “adobo” style.

My Aunt has dates highlighted when sea level would increase. When the tides rise, she instructs her “cabulig” (helpers) to open a small flood gate. This allows fresh seawater to enter.

The gushing fresh saltwater would then call the attention of the milkfishes. They would all rush into this flood gate and go against the incoming seawater. These drives them nuts. Some of them would even jump up and land near where we stand. It’s truly quite a sight to see.

I finally was able to send pictures to my aunt in Dumangas taken during my recent visit. She’s been asking for it for some time.
I’m a procrastinator – one of the worst!

Now my aunt is not really into technology, so I’m unsure how to send the videos I recently took. She has a television but rarely watches. No cable, no DVD player.

I always tease her that she’s better off living in a cave! Her favorite companion is her “transistor radio”. A good looking Japanese made compact radio. She sleeps with it and takes it around the farm. She’s a big fan of radio drama.  She’s perhaps one of the few people I know (the other one is a Lola in Cavite) that monitors time using radio.

I also noticed that she likes reading with a cup of tea and sweets. I asked her if it was something that Dumangas locals are into back in the days, she said laugh and said, “I got the habit while I was working in London as a nurse… I like coffee but tea is better”.

Well, that explains so much about her.

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