This site's Facebook "Like" Page

July 28, 2011

Totally and absolutely ignorant of social networking. That’s how I describe myself since I deleted my facebook account more than a year ago.
Since I’m not interested to “facebook” my personal life (at least not yet) I’ve created a “like” page (is that what its called?) for the site. The page is hosted by a love one but was made by yours truly.
I hope this thing would make the site more visible and accessible since most people use facebook.
The reason why I decided to join (or re-join) fb is quite obvious. Everybody have one. I wouldn’t be  the least bit surprised if people open their facebook accounts before their office tools and spreadsheets. I see this happen a lot in my office. This thing is bound to rule the net for years.
But its fine.  This only means the time has come for me to end my silent war against this giant of a social networking website (as if my absence means anything to them).
While I continue to be facebook-less, at least the site have one. And that’s a step on the right track ?

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