New Trainer Aircrafts for PAF

September 23, 2011

At least these days, there’s an apparent plan to upgrade and develop the flying capabilities of our air force. The acquisition of 18 new Aermacchi’s is a good indication that our government is concern over the unbelievable deterioration of our air force.
Today, believe it or not, we don’t have an air deterrent capability. Which means, when an air force fighter jet from another country flies over our country, all we can do is sit and watch them violate our sovereignty.
The staggering number of our force’s fleet is composed of: 31 active helicopters and 91 air crafts (considered mission ready). The last fighting squad we had, the freedom fighters (F5’s), were decommissioned six years ago.
My stand over the argument whether this is something that we can justify over the other pressing issues of our nation is that air defense is vital for the nation’s stability. We can’t neglect this area as this is a necessary component of economic growth. Back in the 18th and 19th century, when Moro raids were pillaging the coastal towns, it took ingenious defense planning (for example, manned sentinels as early warning device) that involved both church and people that  solved the perennial problem. When security was established economic growth followed.
Now, these are trainer aircraft’s — So these ac’s are not going to secure our air space even if it get fitted with missile launchers but upgrades in training will provide good experience to our young air force men that in the future would be using modern air crafts to serve the nation. We have to make sure that these people are safe and its important that we make them feel that we have their safety in mind when we send them out flying.
These are good investments that hopefully, little by little, our government can continue. We have to tighten our belts and makes sure no funds are wasted. We have to invest well now. I don’t mind having a two or three decade modernization plan as long as the execution is free from corruption.

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