Fight for Parañaque’s Bird Sanctuary

February 25, 2012

Another commercial complex. Shops, restos, parking lots and supermarkets. That’s what investors intend to build in the last bird sanctuary in metro-manila. In 2007 President Arroyo banned all activities that could threaten the sanctuary. Now under this current president, a government agency is planning to carry out a project that would reclaim land for commercial use.

Its going to happen If we don’t make noise we make it too easy for them. I hope that all those who blogs or contribute to websites writes something about this crazy proposal. We’re up against people that worships money here. In a corrupted society money speaks the loudest. The rich and their capital controls everything. We allow this condition to prevail, we’re finished. Destruction of our natural and historical heritage are the last symptoms of our pending extinction as Filipinos. First, we lose our identity, then our country.

The fight to save this bird sanctuary is symbolic of a larger conflict in our society. The raging battle between conservation and commercial exploitation of our environment. The removal of this sanctuary is no different from the mining operations in the country that destroy everything in its path. Those who argue for mining are twisted human beings whose only concern with lining their pockets with money.

A satellite photo of the sanctuary (with red borders) courtesy of wikimapia

There are some private groups however that are giving it all and doing it all to save the sanctuary. They don’t get paid but they organize activities for the benefit of the area. A lot of these groups are very active on the social web banging the drums. Of course, these NGO’s know that they can’t do it alone but at least they’re trying.

The other argument is that the bird sanctuary post a danger to airplanes that takes off and land in NAIA. There were a few that had actually been damaged I heard but this does not mean that the sanctuary is to be blamed. Bird strikes are common occurrences even in airports located in cities. The NAIA bird strike incidents must be studied and effective responses be formulated. So far, I haven’t read a conclusive research on the potential threat the sanctuary poses.

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