The Tide is Turning…old DOH building will rise again!

August 10, 2013

Old DOH Building will be back

Something’s special is happening in Alabang. The entire Filinvest mall is getting a facelift, but, this is not what I’m all excited about. The planned inclusion of the old DOH building as part of the improvements is the thrillin’ news here!

A few years ago, I would bike around the area and wonder what fate awaits the condemned art deco building. I blogged about it (here) and I remember taking pictures of the building in several occasions (and this bothered those vigilant sekyus).

I thought that it would be nice if they could find a way to save it. Maybe, ‘reuse’ it as part of their properties attraction. Well, that day has come!

The entire area has been undergoing development. The bars and restaurants (on the left wing of Festival Mall) that became favorite grounds for merry makers is now temporarily closed. I was told that their planning some kind of a ‘lifestyle’ development in the area with the old DOH building as a center piece.

I can’t wait to see what the final project would look like.

I haven’t researched the history of this building yet (partly because I really thought they’re demolishing it) but from what I heard is that this used to be the HQ of the topical medicine research arm of DOH (don’t quote me here!). They use to have snake pits and farms around here for research. They have cattle freely roaming the vast scrub land until the government decided to sell the land. The old DOH building is an elegant art deco and the thing that I really like about it is the monument that sits in front and in the middle of the facility—an enlarged replica of Rizal’s ‘The Triumph of Science over Death‘.

The old DOH building in Civic Rd. Filinvest Alabang

This building along with Bilibid prison, in my estimation, was built in the same era. Which puts it in the 40’s, if not early 50’s. So I was wondering why the government never bothered to protect it after they sold the property! They just took the money and run away—typical government I should say. If the Filinvest group were insensitive with heritage this old building would just be a pile of rubble today.

Back to the Dark Ages for Muntinlupa

Now that Muntinlupa’s back in the hands of Jaime Fresnedi, I’m expecting things to go back to the ‘dark ages’. Fast. The traffic has deteriorated in Alabang (not there when San Pedro was mayor). Garbage is everywhere these days. The usual signs of back to business—business of doing nothing—is, well, back to business.

It’s still early but this guy has been in reign for almost a decade before the young San Pedro kicked him out two elections ago. And the reason why he was replaced was that Muntinlupa kept regressing under his watch. I could remember the cheap street lights he installed—I could see more with a candle on hand. I don’t think Fresnedi’s a bad guy, I actually believe he’s nice. I once saw him stand right beside his BMW in that charismatic fellowship center near Susana. But I don’t think much of this man as a leader. The 90’s and the 2000’s saw two different Muntinlupa, one that was stuck as a tier 2 city, the other a prime city. Aldrin San Pedro help create that ‘prime city’ condition—Fresnedi was the tier 2 guy.

And those guys that vouched for Fresnedi is pretty excited about his arrival. The other day, while I was buying some veggies in Muntinlupa ‘Bayan’, this guy selling eggplant was using plastic bags. I told him that’s not allowed and with a huge smile on his face responded, “kay San Pedro yun Ser, Fresnedi na tayo.”

Perfect. Now we’re really sliding back to the pits!

Aldrin San Pedro was beaten by a few thousands. Not a majority win for Fresnedi but a win none the less. San Pedro allowed his opponents to feed the public with malicious rumors of corruption allegedly perpetrated by his family. If he had a good PR team, these nasty attacks would’ve never caused his candidacy harm. It must have been his confidence—he did well and trusted that the people would want to have more of progress. Hmmm, not really. San Pedro forgot that Philippine politics have the same dynamics as that of local showbiz. Those little lies could get you fired—and he got his you-know-what fired. Here’s hoping that, if it’s not San Pedro, let’s pray we get a young guy, progressive politician next time. Anyway, these Biazon’s shifted away from San Pedro so they could make their move in the local elections next time, if this Ruffy fella run, maybe him but if San Pedro gives it another run, maybe him again.

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Well , you are entitled to your own opinion as I am entitled to .. if that former young mayor is really a good mayor , how come he only lasted for 2 terms? .. …thanks to his leeches of relatives during their heydays of six years travelling around the world , courtesy of taxpayers money as if they are Ayalas or Sys. It’s a good thing that Muntilupenos are very intelligent and immediately dropped him off for a possible 3rd term ..before a beast of a dyNASTY fully engulf the city. Don’t you see the evidence how good the… Read more »


Muntinlupa was in the dark ages when Fresnedi was mayor. Muntinlupa got revamp when this Aldrin shows up. Then came election, seems the majority of the residents of Muntinlupa believed the band wagon of Fresnedi. Got Aldrin kicked out. Si Alrdin ang nagtanim, Si Fresnedi ang kumain, eh di huwow. Sama mo pa yung mga corrupt baranggay officials. Saya.