The Binays of San Antonio Village

November 1, 2014

How I remember the Binays and why maybe it’s time to forget them.

I grew up near the Binay home in Makati. I would see the mayor every morning with family, friends and security jogging around San Antonio village. My way going to the school is where he starts his daily exercise.

He’s an amiable guy. He once donated basketballs after seeing the children in our neighborhood playing with a worn out ball. We would greet him and he would smile.

The VP’s daughter, Nancy, now a senator, use to do igib when there was a water shortage in the locality. Doctora Elen, the wife of the VP, is a caring doctor who treated patients for gratis, this, according to my mother. There were village leagues where Junjun, the current mayor, played on and we would shoot hoops. There was hardly any security around. My impression as a child was that the Binays was an ordinary family—and they were—then.

When we were being evicted from our homes after losing our case in the courts, I remember my parents, along with some of our neighbors seeing then Mayor Binay in his home. He could not overturn court decisions, so nothing really happened after that meeting, but his gesture of consoling the families made an impression on me.

I remember during the days when I would visit my classmates in Calle Lumbayao. We would peak beneath the gates of the Binay residence and watch him play ping pong. We would ask for those white plastic balls and he would throw some over the gate for us to pick.

I no longer follow Philippine politics these days. I find it foolish, repulsive and depressing. Watching these senate hearings is a waste of time but my father enjoys them like some dragging soap opera. But a few days ago I did watch some clips on youtube because the investigation involves the Binays, a family that I grew up admiring.

What I saw was depressing.

Everything points to the Binays owning that Rosario land. I wonder how long they could refuse ownership of that property.

If they’re not the true owners, as they defiantly claim—then it’s time for them to go to the mattresses—present hard proof that they don’t own that land that symbolizes everything that’s wrong and appaling with the rich families in this country.

Whatever happen to our neighbors, them Binays?

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i, personally, think the philippine politics is nothing but one big circus. i don’t even know anymore if there’s still hope for this country, to be honest. as beautiful and as rich as this country is, it’s definitely mismanaged. so, no, i don’t see any point in following the news, although i can’t help but watch them when my uncles do.
as for the binays, i have a hunch they own that property in question. otherwise, why would they be so evasive about it?


Today’s Philippine Government is a mirror image of the degeneracy of the present Filipino society.