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November 11, 2014

I recently hauled some old photos from an antique dealer. It’s a pass time that I can’t stop myself from doing. Even after repeated warnings that I could bring home some haunted photos one of these days. I do this thinking that I’m saving these things from being lost.

Well, I’m not scared of being haunted but I am haunted by the thought of how these photos ended up heaped in a shoe box to be sold. Shopkeepers would tell you that somebody brought these photos to them and that they have no clue who owns them. I’m certain that whoever peddled these photos does not have a personal attachment to them.

In most cases, I would notice collections belonging to one family. Which saddens me because it means that a family member who inherited the album containing the photos abandoned them. We all want our children and their children to remember us. What if they’re not interested to keep what we left behind for them?

I could see a comparison here with Filipinos abandoning their ancestral houses. Not understanding and appreciating its history, they end up disposing it for profit. These houses are then demolished and the land beneath it developed. When people tell me that we should not dwell in the past I remind them that we’re not supposed to instead we must build on it.

This batch have some written notes. It appears that it belongs to one Amanda Viola Viray of Malabon. I looked her up on the web and found her.

“Atty. AMANDA VIOLA-VIRAY. Family Name: VIOLA-VIRAY First Name: AMANDA Hometown: Date admitted to the Philippine Bar: December 24, 1938.”

She must have lived a comfortable life. She traveled, attended galas, festivals, nuptials, excursions and seminars. There were hundreds of photos of her stack in a box.

Atty. Viray took interesting pictures. There was one that I find rather curious. Pictures of cloud formations. She must have sought to capture its glowing colors but technology then limited cameras to black and white. I wonder if she liked the results when it came out.

The Abogada in an unknown location. One thing I learned from printed photos is that it’s important to put notes on it. I wonder where this was taken. This must have been taken in the 50’s. The guy on the jeep photobombing!
Most of the photos I took are like this one. Random shots of people and places. This one’s the Quirino grandstand in the 50’s. Notice the edifice-like structure behind it. It was later removed and the seat capacity expanded. This must have been taken by the same person.
Look at the menacing stare of that suman tindero! He doesn’t like cameras I can tell. Most of the photos were taken in the early 50’s. Not even a decade had passed after the devastating war and yet the photos shows a very normal and sane environment. 
This is my favorite. A procession as seen from a window. Takes you there when Filipinos used to watch events as it pass below. I have a hunch that this was in Malabon. Some photos I saw had Malabon, Rizal as the Abogada’s hometown.

To see more of some of the old photos I published here, click hereI should update this much often. I love old photos and I have to share more. I know.

I did a podcast with the untiring historian, Pio Andrade Jr., earlier at Arellano University in Legarda. I recorded more than two hours and I will probably split it in two parts. As always, the University of Florida alumni, dished out historical wisdom and witticisms!

You think of historians as boring but this guy’s definitely not. While he has been weaken by his ailments, his mind is still in top form. His memory is as good, if not better, than mine.

The blogger, Pepe Alas, was supposed to join me but work prevented him the pleasure of learning from one of the sage in historical research.

In this podcast, Andrade talks about his hometown of Paracale, his drunken college days in Florida, his disgust of Marcos and his gofers, his bestselling book about Romulo, ongoing projects, his days in the Inquirer and just about everything that crossed his mind during the podcast.

I’ll have this podcast up in the coming days. Stay tuned.

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Excuse me. I wasn’t working. I was sleeping, hehehe! I’ll blog about that podcast you did with Don Pío once you’ve uploaded it in YouTube.

ramon villanueva

The picture of the Abogada standing on the stairs was taken in front of the Baguio City Hall.

Mike Cabinian
Mike Cabinian

Hello sir, do you still have those pictures? She is my Lola’s cousin, thanks