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Arnaldo’s Podcast is Back!

May 17, 2020

Well, yes… but not really.

I used to have a Youtube channel that served as my podcast platform. It contained interviews I recorded for 5 years since 2009. Unfortunately, it got terminated due to “violations” last year. I never got my channel back.

As if the misfortune wasn’t enough, there’s an even bigger one. I had no backups. The computer with all the interview files was lost. So whatever was on that channel are gone for good.

Pio Andrade, Jr. is a historian and a best-selling author. He is also a respected chemist who made contributions in the areas of medicinal plants, radiation chemistry, textile chemistry, food product development, pesticide chemistry, ethnobotany, and biomass energy. Andrade is also a mycologist and has gone to the highlands and discovered numerous new varieties of mushrooms. He is now working with Arellano University as a consultant for the formation of the institution’s publishing house and various research projects.

Last March, I found an old USB thumb drive that has one of the interviews. I thought I’ve already disposed of it. But there it was, waiting for me, fastened in an old keychain.

The thumb drive contains an interview with the late Pio Andrade Jr. This was the fifth episode and the last interview I recorded with Pio. He passed away three years ago.

It’s funny, these little coincidences. Prior to discovering that USB thumb drive, I just finished blogging about, who else, my old friend Pio that same week.

Last week, I was chatting with my ol’ pal, the writer Pepe Alas. He told me that he’ll start vlogging soon. His wife, Yeyette, sent me a link to her own vlog yesterday. They’re going full steam ahead with this vlogging thing. Check her vlog here.

While I occasionally upload videos online, I think vlogging is different. It’s like a performance, a show. I don’t have the personality for it. I want to be behind the scenes.

The challenge for podcasting now is interviewing people. I’m now based here in Singapore. I can do it online but I’m a stickler when it comes to audio quality. But with the technology today, this shouldn’t be that big of a problem.

In the years that the interviews were up in my old Youtube channel, it hardly got any traction. It’s not like a gadget review or comedy. History is not as popular as a subject. Nobody will dispute this statement. But there’s a niche for it and it’s slowly growing, thanks to social media.

I feel strongly that recording history is a worthwhile advocacy. You reach one person that’s a win. Record it (history) for the future generation.

Sabe nga ng rock band na Velvet Revolver, “Do it for the kids!” 😁

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