New podcast (YouTube) clips

July 19, 2020
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Work hasn’t stopped during Coronavirus. That’s my alibi for not posting anything the past few weeks 😂

But I worked on editing a few videos for the YouTube channel. Which is a time-consuming task. But it’s something that I enjoy.

Fr. Jose Arcilla

One of my great influences in Philippine history studies. I’ve attended a few of his seminars in the past. It’s a goal of mine to have a sit-down interview with Fr. Arcilla. I’ve sent feelers but no word on that yet.

In the first clip, he talks about the importance of Spanish. In the second clip, he talks about Gov. Simon de Anda, a forgotten hero of the Spanish Philippine epoch. He also spoke about the Jesuit approach, “humanize to Christianize”.

Elizabeth Medina

This is the first of two more 15-20 minutes clips. Here Liz talks about her grandfather, Emilio Medina. He was Ilocos governor during the Japanese occupation.

The Chile-based writer also talks about the Filipino mindset during the WWII.

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