The Ghosts of the Alberto House

September 15, 2020

I’ve recorded audio of one strange experience I had in Biñan many years ago. This was in the old Alberto house, the ancestral home of Rizal’s mother. When people find out that I’ve inspected bahay-na-batos all over the country they always ask:

Are they haunted?

Below is my favorite story to tell. They don’t get spooked by it. I guess they expect the Hollywood version of hauntings?

By this time, I’ve written several posts about the Alberto House. It’s one of the heritage houses I enjoyed visiting over the years. I’m glad that Biñan (LGU) got their acts together and reconstructed it. What portions of it, how much of it is original is no longer important. The lesson here is that the local government should be proactive. The media and netizens placed so much pressure on the local politicians that they had to act.

I am looking forward to seeing Biñan’s Alberto house again. I’ve seen the one in Bagac a few years ago. So it’s great. We have two now!

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