Negros Oriental

Surviving WWII in the Philippines | War story of a Negros Boy

October 17, 2020

An interview with my late father. Recorded to document family history. The details in his stories are no longer clear. He was 79 during the recording. We grew up hearing these stories, so, in my mind, I was filling in the gaps.

Papa’s WWII stories are particular to his community and hometown, San Carlos in Negros Oriental. His references are local if not related to his family.

It is my hope that the younger generation in our family learns lessons from Papa’s experience.

Tough times don’t last, resilient people do.

Caveat: Recording included all the dogs in the house. Impossible to keep them silent. Personally, I like all that ambient noise. Makes me remember more about that day when Papa and I sat down and recorded our conversation.

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