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Dahling Nick! Is it that good?

October 31, 2020

It took me a few weeks (around two months actually) to process what I just saw—well, I’m exaggerating a little here. So here’s my video, or what do they call this these days? Reaction video? Is that right?

I’m a big fan of Nick, so of course, I would want you to see this (what’s on my YouTube and the actual film!) .

But there’s so much more about him that is not in the film. How can such a life be capture in a film anyway? It’s impossible.

This film runs for 3 hours—that’s pretty long. Last time I sat my ass to watch a film this long was at the beginning of this pandemic. I re-watched The Godfather franchise. Part 2 lasts for about the same time!

By the way, Dahling Nick was shown for free. Thanks to Cinema One. It ran for a limited time, from August 21 – 26. I saw it twice, alone and with my family. They tortured me with questions about what it’s about and what’s happening in the movie, of course.

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