Getting the With One’s Past Hang of it

March 31, 2021

When you record zoom video calls and upload them online are they webcasts, vlogs, conference calls or online lectures?

Who cares.

I started doing just that. Not the first time I have uploaded interviews (they’re more conversations, really) online. I have more than a dozen hours before Youtube snuffed out the light off my channel. But that’s for another story.

Since zoom calls have been part of my work, more so now, more than ever, I thought of recording my conversations about Philippine history with my friends (who else would agree to come on my vlogs?) and uploading them.

Here’s the first, uploaded a week ago. With my ol’ buddy whose been gaining notoriety as an online historian, Pepe Alas. This was a test broadcast. Testing the waters, so to speak.

There’s not a lot to see here. Just buddies catching up.

Alas asked me why the F would I call the whole thing “HANG”? It just doesn’t make a lotta sense.

Well, that’s what I thought too. But nothing makes sense these days, anyway!

But the past few years, working on projects as a freelancer, the phrase “hang” takes on a meaning similar to fast-absorbing knowledge and applying it.

Hey Arnaldo, review this and that, then come back with your proposal or this is how it works, OK? Done. Now do it.

When these clients check on me, to see how I’m doing, my templated response is, “I’m getting the hang of it.”

That’s the origin story of that word. I still think it’s a sucky word.

The second episode is a good one. One of my favorite persons in the world, the octogenarian Philippine-Spanish (filipino-hispano) history master and flamenco jedi, Guillermo Gomez Rivera.

Here’s what I wrote in the episode’s Youtube description section:

There were lots of controversial statements here, from “Lapu-Lapu was a tax evader” to “Rizals are land grabbers”. GGR was on fire 🤣 flipping stones and logs to reveal what’s hiding beneath. Whether you agree with him or not, he is doing it his way. He’s singing “a mi manera” to all his detractors and defamers. At his tender age of 85, his mind is still sharp. But of all his attributes, it is his ability to do so many things that I admire most. A true Filipino renaissance man. The past few years, he’s been releasing books. Even the pandemic can’t stop the man.

This episode is dedicated to the “500th year of Philippine Christianity” Pepe and I wanted to have the talk revolve around this as a topic but if you have Gomez on, he just talks about anything he wants. And we like it that way anyway 😂

Enjoy it! Because we did LOL

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