Thoughts on PNoy’s Passing

June 26, 2021

As expected, former Philippine President Benigno “Pnoy Aquino III’s death has awakened the nastiest online comments, most coming from those who are upset about his past government and political alliances.

Filipinos are taught from a young age to respect the dead. Many people forget to do this. Tons of nasty stuff making the rounds. 

Some are coming from people I follow and like. What kind of person makes fun of a fellow human being passing? Not a good one, I think.

Such negative traits are exacerbated by social media. It is easy to hide behind the cloak of social media accounts.

Those throwing shade on the late president contends that his supporters will use his death to gain power.

So what?

If that’s what the people want so be it. That’s democracy. We keep harping on democracy but have the vaguest idea of what it is.

This must be 10 years ago or maybe more. The Blogger visits the final resting place of Cory and Ninoy. If I am not mistaken, Pnoy or Noynoy, was laid to rest beside his father.

Thoughts on Aquinos

I disagreed with many of Aquino’s policies, as well as how he handled pressing problems while in office. But that’s politics. You deal with the person that was elected to the highest office because the majority voted him in. Ganoon ang proseso ng pulitika natin.

You have to resign yourself to these political realities. These events are beyond our control. We must trust and allow our democratic processes to take their course.

Even with the mother, the late President Cory, I disagreed with the way things were run then. And I am being as kind and gentle as possible here.

A crony of hers managed to take over the land we have rented for two decades.

Most leasing tenants were from poorer families. We never stood a chance. We were kicked out like dogs.

But when Cory passed, my mother had only nice things to say about her. I felt her example is what I should follow. Show proper respect to the deceased. They’re gone; there’s no use blaming them.

I will not name names or mention people. I don’t want to make it seem like I’m a big deal. But a friend, who personally knows the late President PNoy Aquino, has only nice things to say about him. I remember him saying that Aquino had no ego at all. I believe him.

My late father respected the late Aquino for his simplicity. He said that’s a good example.

Regardless of his effectiveness during his time as president, I’m sure there were things he did well. Instead of condemning him, let’s pray for him and his family.

There will always be a time for politics.

All I’m saying is that we should let history decide what PNoy’s legacy will be.

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Hispanidad Filipina

The present order of the tombs is NINOY-CORY-NOYNOY, and looking at your picture, I just realized they switched NINOY and CORY’s tomb.