Pacquiao Going for the Jugular!

July 1, 2021

Rumor is that Pacquiao took on fighting Errol Spence this August with this in mind:

Once he wins, he will announce his Philippine presidential candidacy!

Now that’s a huge risk.

Go big or go home mentality: the expression often used to refer to the mindset of taking an extreme position.

Imagine Pac putting out the lights off boxing’s best young fighter, Errol Pence. With the world watching, declares his plans to run for president in the upcoming Philippine elections in 2022.

Timing is everything they say in politics. If there’s anyone that can pull this off, it’s Pacquiao. And if there’s a people that would be swayed to vote for celebrities, it’s us Pinoy.

Jabs Against Digong

The dirt Senator Pacquiao is now throwing around is meticulously planned by his PR team. These aren’t just random actions.

How is this great man being advised? Who is drawing up his strategy?

Whoever these people are most likely would control the government if Pacquiao gets elected president. The Chavit Singsons and all those who attached themselves with the great Pacman.

Respect for Pac

First off, I have to say this. We owe Pacman a huge debt for inspiring us with his athletic feats.

I can’t thank him enough; personally, for all his memorable fights. Many of which I watched together with my late father. These memories are more valuable than any material treasures.

Manny the Politico

I am not a fan of Pacquiao as a politician. One of the GOAT in boxing, but his fighting skills did not translate to politics. He is not adequately prepared to engage in the public arena.

I have followed the senate debates. It is clear that Pacquiao lags behind his colleagues. Case in point, Sen. Pia Cayetano easily exposed his weak arguments for his boxing agency during her debates.

In an interview, he said he felt “disrespected”. Poor Manny could not articulate his points clearly.

The man is a genius, he must be. But in the world of boxing. It’s just that Philippine politics is a different animal. I don’t think he has tamed this one yet.

House for All

You know he’s out of touch when you hear him talk about giving all Filipinos homes. It’s a humane idea, but one that certainly cannot be made.

The economics behind it would be impossible. It’s nothing more than a promise that can’t be fulfilled. If he insists, he would be crushed in presidential debates.

Puso Leadership

Manny is all heart. Along with his physical abilities, he has an unmatched work ethic and determination. But when he says all a Filipino leader need is “puso” because everyone has a brain already, what do you think he means by that?

He must be referring to compassionate leadership, which everyone would agree with. Manny’s problem is he lacks the leadership experience and well, not a politician.

This is not good because when you are too inexperienced, someone will end up telling you what to do.

He’s camp is lead by Coach Roach but there were incidents of infighting among his own people. The word is that he could not control his own people.

Still Cheering for Pac

I would still be cheering for Pac this August. As we all should. Whatever he does after he wins, I really don’t mind. He’s Pacman, he can do whatever he wants. He earned it.

Pacquiao’s making that announcement on top of that ring! get ready!

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