Nuclear warship in Manila

October 15, 2022
Photo from US Dept of Defense

As the USS Ronald Reagan recently docked in Manila, I am surprised no one batted an eye. Unlike past visits that have been met with strong opposition by anti-US elements and level-headed nationalist officials, this visit has been met with almost complete silence.

Under the constitution, nuclear arms cannot be placed within the countries’ borders.

Our Mutual Defense Agreement with US also prohibits the placement of nuclear weapons in the country.

We have allowed nuclear carriers to dock in our ports under the previous administration and this government. Why?

The same carrier was supposed to dock in Manila during PGMA. The decision was not to allow it because our constitution prohibits docking nuclear carriers or placing nuclear weapons on our soil. As a result, it anchored far from land. The ship delivered relief goods using its aerial assets.

Is it nuclear-powered, but does it have nuclear warheads?

Whether a US carrier or any US ships has nuclear warheads is not publicly known. Despite this, it is widely accepted that these ships are armed with nuclear missiles. 

Should we ask about US weapons on board, they are not obligated to disclose them. Even if they declare that they do not possess nuclear warheads, we have no choice but to accept their word.

Heightened tensions

With rising tensions in the region and the world in general, why are we hosting a nuclear carrier within our shores?

It could be that I am paranoid, and I am as I’m weary of what the west and its military industrial complex is pushing, why are we taking risks like this?

If a nuclear outbreak occurs and a nuclear warhead is fired within our territory, and there are suggestions of possible nuclear warfare between nuclear powers at this very moment,  what would that mean for us? 

I’m sure everyone could imagine what an outcome could look like.

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