Construction Spanish words Filipino builders still use today

April 1, 2023

My effort to build a modest house has led me to speak with builders and discuss. During this time, it’s expensive and difficult, so I’m trying to save money and not go over budget.

I observed that the older the contractor, the more he knows about old Spanish words used in construction. I don’t know if they know that this is the case since, for them, words have been passed down to them that are related to their livelihood.

Currently, the contractors I’m in contact with are making me look up words in my Spanish dictionary app.

In the info image are words I heard from builders and some from my late father who was obsessed with home improvement projects (though he always struggled with results).

Depending on the region, meaning may differ. As these words are adapted to local languages, their meaning has evolved (i.e, pasamano means handrail, but some refer to it as an elevated platform adjacent to an outside wall “na nilalagyan ng halaman”). Feel free to comment.

Photo background: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Inaudita

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