más que/maski

May 3, 2023

más que

“maski” – bagamán o maganáp man.

Above is the official translation of the UP Diksiyonaryong Filipino. “Maski” is more commonly used than “bagamán”. So when someone says, “maski na, wala akong pakialam,” it means “so be it, I don’t care.”

The Spanish meaning is more than or rather than.

This post was inspired by a fire alarm trigger I saw in a Spanish TV series that said, “No romper más que en caso de incendio” (Eng. break only in case of fire). It is used in this context to indicate “in case” or “except”. This part may be better explained by those who are more familiar with Spanish.

Many Filipinos still use “maski” but most don’t realize that it is a Spanish word. Comments and reactions are welcome – A


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