Nick Joaquin’s “Heritage of Smallness”

June 19, 2023

Nick Joaquin will probably write this same assessment today due to the country’s plethora of problems that everyone believes can be fixed (from our failing airports to drug-dealing policemen).

But no one appears to be capable of solving anything.

The 18th death anniversary of NJ was recently commemorated. Noong nakaraang Sabado lang.

Today, 106 years ago, he was born.

His essay, “Heritage of Smallness”, aptly describes our approach to achieving results for our country.

In his critique, he points out that many of our problems are the result of us becoming accustomed to operating on a small scale-a culture has developed around it.

When we travel outside our country, we marvel at their infrastructure and progress, yet we could never imagine achieving the same in our country. The quick response is, “hindi puede sa atin yan!”

We have a heritage of smallness, is that why?

Agree or no? Comments welcome – A

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