Keep Palawan One

I am delighted to hear about the news that Palaweños has rejected the proposal to split it into three separate provinces. I hope the voters do the same to those who sponsored it in the next elections. Never forget who pushed for hacking the great province into several parts. Splitting provinces into several parts is […]

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Emilio Aguinaldo’s Singapore Visit

I finally made a vlog! I don’t know whether to be happy with it or not. But I thought it’s an important message to deliver. The revolutionary Filipino leader Emilio Aguinaldo visited Singapore once, not to do some sightseeing (although I wish he did and wrote about his experience) but to attend a meeting with […]

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ARNALDO | Youtube

Dahling Nick! Is it that good?

It took me a few weeks (around two months actually) to process what I just saw—well, I’m exaggerating a little here. So here’s my video, or what do they call this these days? Reaction video? Is that right? I’m a big fan of Nick, so of course, I would want you to see this (what’s […]

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Tilapia in Manila Bay?

The recent fish kill around Manila Bay has been unsurprisingly politicized, used to throw shade against the dumping of sand in Manila Bay. At first, I thought there could be a correlation between the dolomite sand and the fish kill. This may have not been a coincidence, right? Then clearer photos of the fishes started […]

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Glenn Anthony May historian dead at 75

Glenn Anthony May, American historian, who wrote important Philippine history books: Social Engineering in the Philippines (1980), A Past Recovered: Essays on Philippine History and Historiography (1987), Battle for Batangas: A Philippine Province at War (1991), and Inventing a Hero: The Posthumous Re-Creation of Andres Bonifacio (1996), passed away last September 10 according to local […]

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The Ghosts of the Alberto House

I’ve recorded audio of one strange experience I had in Biñan many years ago. This was in the old Alberto house, the ancestral home of Rizal’s mother. When people find out that I’ve inspected bahay-na-batos all over the country they always ask: Are they haunted? Below is my favorite story to tell. They don’t get […]

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